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Simon Mang


As an application architect I strongly focus on web and mobile applications. Additionally I have the abilities to implement the software on each level of the required technology stack. Be it in a client or server environment or at the front- or backend of the application.


Good software architecture means your application gains major benefits from the ground up. Taking into account the requirements and environment of the application the goal is optimize the security, scalability, stability and performance. Additionally the extendability and quality benefit from thorough decisions with a modular layout and testable components in mind.


There is more to software engineering than only writing code. It is also about setting up a development environment with efficient tooling. And of course a good team setup and leadership secure the success of the project.


Every web application project continues after the development stage. Modern, agile developed applications are automatically tested and continuously built and deployed. Setting up, configuring and maintaining the infrastructure behind those processes is key to high quality web applications.


More than 10 years working with web-related systems enables me to guarantee future-proof products and services based on an extensive range of technologies. The startup rollercoaster as a former serial entrepreneur manifested my capabilities in ideation, problem solving and execution. And a scientific background in computer science and human-machine-interaction is the solid basement of all this.

Plan & Review

  • Not sure what state your application is currently in?
  • Interested in revising your current architecture?
  • Do you want to create a new service from scratch?
  • Wondering how to scale your development team and hire the right engineers?

I offer you my comprehensive product knowledge to thoroughly analyse and review existing applications from all required angles. After successfully building multiple products, I have developed a sixth sense for modern application and software architecture that matches your current needs and ensures future requirements.

Prove & test

  • Do you want to prototype your idea for user testing or a proof of concept?
  • Need a quick but solid MVP to convince your customers or investors?
  • Are you looking for a MacGyver-like troubleshooter who has got your back?

Having founded and run several tech startups as the CTO, I'm very well experienced in taking concepts to market. That's why I'm comfortable entering your team as an engineer as well as in a team lead or architect role.

Implement & release

  • Do you need help with a Node, PHP or Ruby project?
  • Struggling with your infrastructure and want to go towards a microservice architecture?
  • Worried the software you're building won't be secure?

I'm best with Node and PHP but also very well able to stem Ruby, Elixir or Java/Kotlin projects. Consider me a DevOps engineer with experience with Gitlab, Kubernetes and various software and infrastructure as a service providers (Saas/Iaas) like Cloudflare, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Products (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).